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Neil is a rare talent: a senior leader who really listens and responds to those around him, fostering positive and collaborative environments that bring people together to achieve success. Complementing his outstanding people leadership skills, Neil has broad experience in a range of technical areas that require careful attention to detail: technical, financial, legal, HR and more besides. It is for this reason that Neil is so often the go-to individual trusted to lead complex, transformative business change projects.

Neil is an excellent manager to have at your disposal. He is very experienced and capable in running a technology business, utilising his background in both technical engineering and project management. Neil understands his own strengths and draws positively on the abilities of others in his team to get the right outcome for the business. His people skills are especially acute and this has become his focus recently where he has applied his natural human resource management skills to a multi-cultural workforce.

Yiannaki Loizou - Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Critical Software

Matt Brake - Executive Director at Critical Software

Neil is a very considerate and approachable manager who understands the human element in managing a team.

Julie Thomas - Head of Human Factors at BQ Solutions QSTP-LLC

I had the pleasure of working with Neil Aries at BAE and later at Agusta Westlands. On both occasions I found him to be the epitome of what a professional should be, a balance of getting the job done and making sure the team are happy. I would not hesitate in working with Neil or recommending him.

Kurtis Schnorr - Software Systems Engineering Specialist

Neil is one of the best managers I had the pleasure to work with.

Eva Staudinger - People Manager at Critical Software

As a leader, Neil breaks the mould by empowering his team members, leading by passion and example, and successfully aligning their goals with the company's strategy and objectives.

Ivan Almeida - People Manager at Critical Software

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Neil for more than 10 years. He brings a wealth of experience, steady leadership, dedication and true empathy to his position and projects.

I worked with Neil during a series of years where he held several positions within Critical Software. As a start I need to say that Neil is probably one of the more disciplined, methodical and trustful persons I’ve ever dealt with. Also, Neil can handle a number of different jobs within an organization, from project management to general management, from Operations to Human Resources. Not least, on top of his professional skills he’s also someone who has my deepest respect due to his personal values and friendship.

Joao Carreira - CEO at Critical Software

Pedro Murtinho - CFO at Critical Software

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